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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Odds 'N Ends -- Mike Millard Facts

Setting the Record Straight:
Mike Millard was a close friend, and he had three with whom he regularly attended shows with.
His other two close friends, Jim R. and Ed F., were both top quality photographers, routinely sitting in the first few rows of L.A. area shows during the mid to late 1970's, when cameras were permitted.
Mike was victim to serious illness, which will not be addressed here.
Mike was employed on the staff of the Audio Visual Dept. at Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) in Orange County, CA, close to his family home in Placentia, CA.
Mike was in a court battle with his employer involving matters not to be addressed here.
Mike's star contact, I'm fairly sure, was limited to meeting Peter Gabriel (during his solo years, after a concert in Orange County, CA) where they talked for a fair amount of time regarding the high quality of the Nakamichi portable cassette recorders.
Mike had absolutely NO car issues on March 12, 1975. The problems involved with his taping of this show were due to operational failure.
Mike's seat locations, critical to the sound of audience tapes, was based on his efforts, not provided to him on the basis of any wheel chair!
Included here are: 1. Photos of the Long Beach Arena 1975 shows Mike taped, and 2. Some Who photos Mike shot (November 22, 1973 Forum show). I met Mike at this show, as his tape recorder failed and mine didn't.


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  4. Thank you Mike for taping those shows and thank you Barry for sharing this information and photos with us. I hope Mike realized when he was alive how much the fans enjoyed his tapes. Rest In Peace.

  5. Mike Millard remains one of, if not the finest, tapers of concerts ever. His achievements have stood the test of time and I prefer his audience recordings to soundboard recordings. I have dedicated a page on my Underground Uprising Led Zeppelin boot website to him. The information we have about his life is sparse and we do not know if it is accurate. This man deserves recognition for the incredible work he did capturing many live bands at the hight of their powers as performing artists. Barry, you clearly know a great deal about him and I would be very honoured to hear from you with the full story. A friend of mine has recently bought a complete set of all his Led Zeppelin recordings on cassettes, each one illustrated in his unique manner. Many thanks and a belated Happy New Year to you and everyone who reads this great blog.
    Jules Walker (aka Jules McTrainspotter)

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